The Redway House - Stockbridge

Disappear From It All And Be Close To Everything

The Redway House Kitchen

Prepare A 5-Star Meal In The Redway House Well-Equipped Kitchen.



     Portable Induction Cooktop    





     Portable Icemaker

     Keurig Coffee Maker -

          With Assortment Of K-Cups

     Toaster Oven


     Classic Waffle Maker

     Electric Skillet

     Immersion Blender


     Salad Spinner

     Vegetable Roasting Basket for the grill.

     Assorted Pots And Pans, Cutlery, and Bowls

     Wine Bottle Opener

     Window Air Conditioner


     Olive Oil

     Extra Virgin Olive Oil

     Vegetable Oil

     Red Wine Vinegar

     Unbleached Flour

     Pancake Mix

     A Large Variety Of Dried Spices and Herbs

     Salt, Pepper, White Sugar, And Splenda.

     Hot Sauce

     Paper Towels


     Plastic Cups

     Paper Plates

Other Items

     High-Powerd Tactical Flash Light

     Cell Phone/iPad Charging Station

     16 Channel Two-Way Radios

     Emergency Pop-Up Lanterns (In Every room)

     Insect Spray


     Fire Extinguisher

     Air-Conditioning during summer months.